5 Progressive Things That Made Me Happy Last Week

1. This article about the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie. It takes a look not only at the book and movie and what has made them appealing, but also at female sexuality and how it is perceived and explained in a male dominated society.

2. This sign, which I saw when leaving the DC Metro this weekend.


3. Having my letter to the editor (see my previous post) published in the actual newspaper! Woo!

4. Seeing a friend on facebook admit they had been wrong in their belief that vaccinations are harmful. With intelligent and logical arguments, minds can be changed! (Read also about Congressman Tim Ryan who has since changed his position on abortion after talking to women)

5. All the great articles coming out for Black History Month! Read some of the ones I found interesting below.

NAACP honors black women

Black History Month and White Supremacy 

Tips to Improve Black History Month


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